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Online Workshop

From Me to We: Building Resilience and Compassion in the Workplace

Event date

May 22, 2020


12:00 pm


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Economic downturn is expected to persist after Covid-19.As we are living in Hong Kong, how can SME entrepreneurs face such the challenges of post-Covid-19? Stress and anxiety arise because of uncontrollable factors such as close-down of businesses and lay-offs. How can HR promote mental health to yourself and our staff? How can we practice compassion in such adversity?

Key learnings and goals:

  • Deal with workplace uncertainty (me)
  • Promote compassion among team (we)
  • Uphold social responsibilities for a company to do greater good (world)

What we'll explore:
👤Me: Training & tool to maintain inner peace by mindfulness education (technology) →To be a leader who leads with resilience and compassion. Shown by role model.

👤Me: Leading with awareness & consciousness, the leader builds a team with compassion which can hold each other in the time of turmoil. #deeplistening; #deepunderstanding #empathy #practicemindfulness #compassion #vulnerability #open

👥We: Build teams by developing individual and team development. Pursuit of values driven instead of purpose driven.

👥We: HR Provide mindful leadership training such as mindful listening; empathy/ deep understanding, be humanised; vulnerability; acceptance.

🌎World: How can we take social responsibilities to our shareholders and stakeholders?

Event details

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Fee: Free

Language: English


Dr. Bechara Saab

CEO and Chief Scientist of Mobio Interactive

Dr. Bechara Saab (Besh) is CEO and Chief Scientist of Mobio Interactive, a digital therapeutics company that develops and commercialises objectively-quantified and clinically-validated software to prevent, measure and treat mental illness. Their app Am Mindfulness was the first-ever resilience app to outperform placebo in clinical trials when examining both stress-resilience and attentional control. As former Principal Investigator of Neuroscience at the Zurich Psychiatric Hospital and Chief Scientist of Mobio Interactive, Dr. Saab has published over 30 peer-reviewed scientific papers commanding more than 1,200 citations in the scientific literature, and some of his research is now standard curriculum for medical students all over the world. His research expertise lies in understanding neural circuits and neurotransmitter systems critical for curiosity, including how curiosity is linked to learning efficiency, meditation, stress and overall mental health and performance. Dr. Saab is a frequent keynote speaker and has delivered talks at events in dozens of countries throughout the globe. He is an Overseas Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, the recipient of the Canadian Institute of Health Research Synapse Mentorship Award, the Yicai Brilliant 10 Award for Healthcare and was nominated by Canada to the World Economic Forum as a "Future World Leader".


Co-founder and Head Counsellor of HeartChat 聊心

Raindy Yu is the co-founder and head counsellor of HeartChat 聊心 and Holistic Wellness HK. She has been in the helping profession for more than 15 years. Owing to the deep interest in exploring human behaviors, emotions and soul activities, Raindy got wide scope of training from mental health; counseling, NLP, Mindfulness at work (CBMT) ,MBSR, mediation, spirituality, and health coach. She is also a Social Entrepreneur since 2008 endeavour to do for social good. In 2018, She is also the writer of "Living in Mindfulness Everyday."

Dr. Adrian Low (PsyD, CPsychol, MSPS)

Co-founder and Head Psychologist of HeartChat 聊心

Dr. Adrian Low is the co-founder and head psychologist of HeartChat 聊心. He is a chartered psychologist (BPS) that has graduated with a Doctor of Clinical & Industrial/Organisational Psychology from California Southern University in the USA. He also holds a master's degree in Education from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Adrian's workplace stress research has won the presidential award for doctoral research excellence at the California Southern University and since then he has been invited to be a keynote speaker in many conferences worldwide. Adrian is the president of the Hong Kong Association of Psychology, an NGO. Besides that, he is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Worcester as well as an adjunct lecturer at the HKU (university of Hong Kong) School of Professional and Continuing Education.

Moderator: Vincent Li

Co-founder and Team Lead of HeartChat 聊心

Vincent Li is a mental health social entrepreneur and a community builder. He is the co-founder and team lead of HeartChat 聊心, an online platform that connects professional clinical psychologists, counselors, therapists, and coaches with their individual and corporate clients through the provision of online professional counseling and coaching service and tailor-made workshops, courses and employee wellness program (EWP), with the hope of making professional counseling and coaching more accessible, affordable, and be provided anytime, anywhere with technology's help, hoping to promote mental diversity in the community. He is also the advisor (legal) of 26Hz. Technologies Ltd, an end-to-end Augmented Reality Production Agency, utilising AR/VR/MR and Gamification solutions to help drive your brand awareness, customer engagement, and marketing ROI.