Hospital income insurance for individuals

When you’re hospitalised due to accident, the last thing you want is to worry about the loss of income. Even if you have existing medical insurance, we’ll still pay you daily cash benefits on top on those. With StartupCare, you can get your hospital income plan at a lower premium.

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StartupCare Hospital Income Plan Special Offer

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Daily hospital income benefit 

Daily cash benefit of HK$ 500 from the very first day you’re hospitalised for up to 365 days per accident. Cash benefit will be doubled during confinement in ICU.

Special COVID-19 benefit

Lump sum cash benefit of HK$ 50,000 in case of ICU confinement for over 3 days or death due to COVID-19.

Plan Benefits (HK$)

Adult (Age 18 - 70)

$ 500 per day of confinement

Daily hospital income benefit

if hospitalisation is due to an injury
(Max. 365 days per confinement)

Intensive care unit benefit

if hospitalisation is due to an injury and confined in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
(Max. 30 days per confinement)

Extended COVID-19 benefit

if death or confined in an ICU for more than 3 days as a result of COVID-19
(Valid for first year coverage only)

Annual premium for individual

$ 500 per day of ICU confinement

$ 50,000

$ 550/year

Who needs accidental hospital income insurance?

Covered by existing medical insurance

Even if you're covered by company's group medical insurance or your own individual medical insurance, additional cash benefit allows you to cover other expenses and supplements.

Sports and outdoor lovers

Hiking, camping, swimming, cycling or diving in your free time can cause unforeseeable accidents, this hospital income insurance supports active people like you.

Breadwinner in your family

A stable amount of cash benefit without usage restrictions subsidises the loss of income during your hospital stay.

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This insurance product is issued by Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. (Hong Kong Branch), an authorised insurer in Hong Kong. For details of cover and exclusions, please refer to the Product Leaflet and Policy Provisions.

Want coverage for family too? 

  • Covers up to 5 eligible family members
  • Up to extra HK$ 175,000 cash benefit in case of COVID-19
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