Podcast Suggestion: Future of remote work


In the modern era of advanced technology, the possibility of remote work became evident than ever. In this podcast episode produced by FastCompany and Citrix, Sara Sutton, CEO of FlexJobs, discuss her opinions on the concept of a remote working environment. Through her personal experiences with creating a remote workplace culture, Sara explains the need for flexibility in the office and how the idea of working anywhere at any time can be the ultimate solution to those such as working mothers, who simply do not have enough time.

Key highlights from the podcast:

TED BROWN: You've been in this industry for more than a decade now. What trends have you been seeing in remote work and flexibility?

SARA SUTTON: Really, the biggest change I've seen is that we all work remotely already. In professional jobs, 99 percent of people are already working remotely … the difference is that we're doing it without realizing it. We all check our phones on the commute, at home, on the weekends. We work from our laptops, tablets, devices. And that is remote working. We don't do all of our work sitting on our desk at our office anymore.

TED BROWN: That turns the stereotypical vision of what a remote worker looks like on its head. If we're talking the 'have laptop, will travel' type who want to go live in Bali and work remotely for a month, you're saying those are actually the minority of folks.

SARA SUTTON: I would say the digital nomads, as a pure off-the-cuff guess, are less than 1 percent of what the general population of remote workers are. For the mass majority of people who are interested in remote work, it comes down to needs versus wants. It's because they live in an economically depressed area or rural area and they can't find job opportunities near them. It's because they're working parents, and they struggle with not having enough time to put toward their family the way they'd like to.

TED BROWN: Sara, I know that you were pregnant with your child when you found FlexJobs, have you experienced the impact that remote work has had on expected mothers and mothers in a workforce?

SARA SUTTON: So I believe that there is a really huge opportunity for impact on gender equality standing point in the work place. And remote work deviates the pain points where many working mothers suffer from with just not having enough time.

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