Podcast Suggestion: Boosting Your Team's Productivity


How is the wellness trend transforming the way we work?

Here is our recommended podcast produced by Fast Company and Citrix, which invited Rachel Gutter, president of the International WELL Building Institute, to talk about the latest developments of wellness in workplace, and insights of how wellness is proven to boost your team's productivity!

Inspiring Highlights from the Podcast

BROWN: Has that definition of wellness sort of changed or how designers and how employers look at employee wellness? Has that transformed throughout the course of your career?

GUTTER: Absolutely. Although I think that maybe the public perception of what wellness is all about is still in the process of shifting. Wellness in design has become hyper technical. It has become rooted in science and research. It's about air quality, water quality, thermo comfort, acoustics, as much as it's about nourishment, staying moving throughout the day and mental health fortitude. And so I think that we have this abundance of evidence that helps us to make better design choices that enhance results in terms of staff health, better recruitment, retention and so forth, and we're learning more and more how to apply those best practices and strategies as well as to measure them.

BROWN: So we've gone from these ping pong beanbag arms races to actually using technology to measure how well our employees are feeling at work and sort of their lives holistically?

GUTTER: Yeah. I think we started with a lot of the vanity measures, if you will. The wellness bling. And sure some of those things are really impactful and effective, like a sit-stand desk, which is oftentimes one of the hallmarks of an office that's really focused on health and wellbeing, is incredibly effective for reducing workplace injuries and for creating better conditions for productivity throughout the day, improved focus, and ultimately just improving health overall.

GUTTER: There are a lot of visual cues that help you to key in the organization, and more and more importantly to really help employees to see their employers' commitment. I was once at the Deloitte office in London recently, and I was on a tour with the workplace wellness leader and he was very proudly showing me the meditation room and then out of nowhere there's voice came and said, "uh excuse me, could you keep it down? I'm meditating." And then I thought, oh my gosh! It's really working. It's so awesome to see these spaces in action and taken from employees that it has a profound impact not just on their work experience, but their entire life.

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