Podcast Suggestion: How New Programs and Platforms are Helping Employees Feel and Work Better

Corporate wellness is the new rising trend in various companies all over the world. As we move towards a time where employee wellbeing is considered a crucial factor for better business performance, many employers and employees are looking into wellness program options to create a healthy working environment. In this podcast episode produced by FastCo and Citrix, Nicole Wolfe, director of corporate programs at ClassPass, explains why wellness is important, how it can impact work quality, and what companies are currently doing to promote employee welfare.

Key highlights from the podcast:

TEB BROWN: What is sort of been the reaction or response from both employers and employees to taking on this new corporate wellness?

NICOLE WOLFE: Yes, so, I will start with the employers, and then I will talk about the employees. So from the employers' perspective, a lot of times, they are looking for something that is easy to roll out and on what they think will be successful, which does not require them a ton of work. And ClassPass is a one-stop-shop for a lot of these employers. And we have also started layering in incentive management programs, so the more active you are, the more ClassPass credits you can win, which is really attractive to the employers, as they usually focus on how to grow engagement of the people. So, rewarding healthy behavior for healthy rewards. The employee side that we have seen that was very interesting was that there has been an uptake in social engagement outside of the office. So, they are not going to happy hour anymore, they are going to a spin class together and they are starting to do a lot more of that.

TEB BROWN: What do you think about companies that are trying to make wellness into a pillar of their mission from day 1 and to becoming wellness into a more central theme when they first start-off?

NICOLE WOLFE: Yes, I would say that a lot of companies are doing so, as the data is showing that if the company has a dedicated wellness program, they are going to be more financially successful in the long-run.

TEB BROWN: Why do you think we can return from wellness programs? Whether it would be the bottom line, productivity, happier employees?

NICOLE WOLFE: There are so many layers to it. But I think that you have to provide so many solutions to people. I think at the cornerstone of this, from the fitness perspective, you are more productive when you are exercising and happier. The social connection you can create with the people are important as well. I think the bigger piece of it is that it gives people permission to do what they need to do outside of the office. And I think that is a really strong message sent to your employees, saying we trust you with the ongoing project and that you will get it done, and if you need to take a workout at lunch, do it, and it will make you more active and productive at the end of the day.

TEB BROWN: What are some things that smaller businesses can do right now for corporate wellness?

NICOLE WOLFE: If you are a small company it would be easier. I would argue smaller companies are in a better place to be more impactful when it comes to wellbeing. So, thinking about it for an employer, it would be understanding what your employees want or need. And fitness would be an obviously easy thing to provide to your employees when you are a smaller business, but it is also important to directly ask and understand what they really want and start to build from there.

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