Functional Medicine: A new way to keep your employees healthy

It is difficult to live your fullest life when you are not feeling well. Fatigue, insomnia, brain fog or allergies can be common lifestyle conditions that we have to face everyday, hindering employee productivity in the workplace. But often these aren't conditions that can be easily treated simply by paying a visit to the doctor. This has increased the attention and interest towards functional medicine.

Functional medicine is about asking why the symptoms occur, focusing on the root cause of the disease rather than just treating the symptoms. In modern medical practice, functional medicine is becoming more and more common. The global complementary and alternative medicine market size continues to grow at a value of about USD 59.76 billion, and especially in a stressful city like Hong Kong, people are constantly looking for alternative forms of medicine to treat various ailments of the body and mind.

Advantages for employees' health

Corporate Wellness Magazine suggested that the involvement of employers to adopt functional medicine along with workplace wellness programs would be an impactful initiative on employees' health and wellbeing, when we're focusing more on the prevention versus just treating the symptoms. It could be a more sustainable way to improve the health and wellbeing of your team.

StartupCare has partnered with LifeHub Hong Kong to explore the concept of functional medicine and how it brings value to the health of individuals.

What are the differences between Conventional Medicine and Functional Medicine?

Conventional medicine, unlike functional medicine, views the body as a composition of separate parts where each part is treated by a different medical specialist, and treats as the symptoms arise. The focus of conventional medicine lies on the disease itself rather than prevention or the root cause.

Functional medicine takes a holistic view of our body. The Institute of Functional Medicine defines functional medicine as the shift of focus from symptoms to the underlying triggering factors of the disease. A person's illness can be comprised by different symptoms and diagnoses. More than one condition can result from a diagnosis. For example, depression can be caused by many different factors including inflammation, low thyroid function, or antibiotic use; whilst the cause such as inflammation may lead to multiple conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The exact manifestation of each cause depends on the genes, environment, and lifestyle of the individual, and only treatments that address the right cause will have lasting benefits beyond the suppression of symptoms.

What is Functional Medicine Testing?

In terms of testing, the core difference of functional medicine compared with conventional medicine would be the interpretation of the results. Both may use a standard blood test but functional medicine has a much narrower 'ideal range' when compared to conventional medicine. For instance, anything outside the range of conventional medicine testing would require immediate action and most likely medication, while functional medicine tests focus on a narrow range to optimize the health of their patients.

What Kinds of Functional Medicine Testing Can Your Team Try In Hong Kong?

Here are examples of functional medicine testing by LifeHub Hong Kong which takes an integrative approach to health. They offer programs to prevent disease, improve sub-optimal lifestyle problems, and take health to the next level such as IV drips, oxygen therapy and aromatherapy massage.

  • heavy metals and minerals test
  • food intolerance test
  • gut biome test
  • sleep and stress test
  • cycle mapping test
  • weight management and thyroid test
  • DNA test
  • gluten check
  • allergen check

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