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StartupCare Insight Series #1: 2020 Transform Your Workplace Culture

StartupCare Hong Kong launched its first event of "StartupCare Insight Series - Prepare for 2020: Transform your workplace culture" successfully on December 12th with guest speakers Sebastien Gaudin, Co-founder of The CareVoice and StartupCare, Nathan Khan, Team Lead, Corporate Solutions of LinkedIn Hong Kong, and Marco Jorge, Country Director of Wanted Hong Kong.

Key learnings and insights from the guest speakers:

Nathan emphasized the importance of investing in employee benefits. By sharing his personal experience of working in LinkedIn, Nathan discussed how his company promotes positive employee relationships, maximizes team harmony, and increases both the mental and physical wellbeings of employees. Examples were shown through physical development facilities within LinkedIn, and special activity days such as "Indays", in which every employee puts aside all work and purely invest in themselves for one day every month. Employer branding is the way to address the ongoing issue of talent scarcity and often it means investing in the employees.

Marco Jorge giving a seminar on workplace culture

Marco talked about the fundamental reasons as to why workplace culture is important for attracting and retaining talents. More importantly, culture has a large impact on the performance of employees where employers and coworkers both have a role in building it. As a team leader himself, Marco shared his personal story of how he motivates his employees to work through affection, not discipline. Only by creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere at work through support and empathy can the true potential of the employees be shown on their work.

6 Principles that affect the Workplace

1. Caring for Employees as friends

2. Support, Kindness and Compassion when other's are struggling

3. Avoid Blame and Forgive Mistakes

4. Inspiring Others

5. Emphasizing the meaningfulness at Work

6. Treating one another with respect, gratitude, trust and integrity.


- Foster Social Connections

- Leading with Empathy

- Go out of your way to help

- Encourage people to talk to you: especially about their problems

Sebastien examined the current shortages in Hong Kong's healthcare systems and paired them with difficulties faced by SMEs including instability, talent retention, stress, and low budget. To continue, Sebastien discussed the demands for trending wellness and what employees favour in their insurance plans in Hong Kong. Based on research, the top three wellness perks included:

  • Private health checkup at 64%
  • Exercise classes at 43%
  • Mental wellness classes at 39%

Regarding insurance benefits, maternity benefits ranked first with 45%, followed by dental benefits and fixed lump sum for critical illness both at 42%. Last but not least, Sebastien shared how he, as an employer, is demonstrating his care to his employees through health benefits and perks in The CareVoice and StartupCare.

Last night's event was a time of sharing innovative thinking not only from our guest speakers but also a fun experience with a free body scan sponsored by LifeHub and a beverage tasting session sponsored by Lify Wellness.

All in all, StartupCare HK would like to thank our guest speakers as well as all partners who made this event a great opportunity to learn, share, and connect:
Sleek | Kenneth Chau & Co. | BlueMeg |FastLane | Lify Wellness | Kernel | Total Loyalty | ConnectedGroup

Lastly, we would also like to thank all the participants who came last night and we hope you stay tuned for other events in the future!


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