Indulge yourself with 5 fascinating health documentaries

While work often seems to be the priority, we believe health should be of paramount importance as well. Good bodily functions help you feel better, and do better. Wind down your day by exploring these five health documentaries, which may help you rethink health and wellbeing!


1. The Game Changers

Meat or vegetables? Is consuming meat necessary for building muscles? The Game Changers may change the way you think about food. James Wilks, a former MMA fighter, demonstrates to us what the difference is between a diet including animal products and one without that. You will be able to grasp a view on how plant energy can actually fuel up our body, and how health indicators in vegetarians differ from meat lovers.

2. (Un)well

Wellness trends are widely discussed on social media. Are they just some other fads? This six-episode series investigates different controversial treatments offered by the wellness industry, such as “Essential oils”, “Fasting”, “Ayahuasca” and “Bee sting therapy”. Immerse yourself in interviews conducted with practitioners, consumers and experts, surely you will have a better view and perhaps be curious to try for yourself.

3. Heal

This documentary is an exploration of mind-body healing for those diagnosed with fatal diseases. Spiritual leaders, doctors and chronic patients are here to walk us through a scientific and spiritual journey. Our emotions such as stress and fear may have far more impact on health than we would imagine. Start on the journey and discover what it takes to overcome difficult situations in life. 

4. The Mind, Explained

We use our brain everyday, but ever wondered how our “supercomputer” functions? The mix of interviews, illustrations and animation will keep the series easily digestible. Get ready to be fascinated with five illuminating topics, namely “Memory”, “Dreams”, “Anxiety”, “Mindfulness” and “Psychedelics”. While you have a dream tonight, you may probably wish to know about the subliminal meanings of your dream!


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