4 stress-relieving items to keep at your desk

Workplace stress has been a long-standing problem for many Hong Kongers. Long working hours, endless meetings, pressing deadlines, and the list goes on. Not everyone gets a ping-pong table or video games at work, but you can place a little something at your desk to help relieve stress throughout the day. Here are a few ideas to help you get started!


1. Plant pot

Study shows that placing a plant on the desk can improve employees’ mental health with a decrease in the anxiety level and pulse rate. Gazing at the plant can be a form of healthy and restorative distraction from office tasks, as well as a boost of cognitive performance. Developing a mild attachment to the plant can further intensify the benefits by adding some emotional involvement. Our favourite indoor plants are succulents and cacti; go for bromeliad or your choice or orchid if you have more space.

2. Your favourite toy

Almost everyone’s favourite toy is related to the carefree times in their childhood, bringing back the good old memories. Playing with toys doesn’t necessarily mean childish, but is a process of self-awareness, self-discovery, and also self-acceptance. “The idea of playfulness goes much deeper, as it is also a way of communicating, learning and understanding ourselves,” said Enoch Li, founder of Bearapy. So, why not bring your toys to the office and give yourself a break?

3. Essential oil diffuser 

The scent of essential oils is found to be soothing and can lessen anxiety. For example, lavender essential oil is effective in reducing work-related stress, also the best-known essential oil used in aromatherapy. Other scents like bergamot, lemongrass and neroli also help to calm your mind and promote relaxation. Try Aromeo, the smart diffuser that does not require adding any water, perfect for the humid environment in Hong Kong.

4. Stress ball

Stress balls are popular among workers as a way to release stress and muscle tension from keyboard typing. Just grab it in hand and squish it can in fact benefit your health in several ways. You may find it so simple, but it helps to improve your nervous system functioning and reduces essential hormones. It is probably one of the most natural and cheapest available remedies to reduce stress.


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