5 Easy Ways to be Healthy in the Office

Much research done in the past has advocated the fact that an employee’s positive mood generated from their physical and mental wellbeing is closely interrelated with his or her behavior at work. The author of The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Anchor, found out that the human brain functions much better when the individual is feeling good. Specifically, he mentioned that the brain tends to be more creative, highly capable of solving difficult tasks, and more effective in collaborating with others. Further, based on findings by Jim Harter from Gallup, highly engaged teams show around 21% greater profitability. Your condition is closely associated with your performance.


Here are some easy and effective ways for all to maintain physical and mental wellbeing at the office so that you can perform better with higher productivity:

1. Stop Sitting

Standing is renowned for being one of the easiest and most effective ways to burn fat and stay healthy. Sean Kelly, CEO and Co-founder of SnackNation, mentioned in an interview that sitting for a long time is just as unhealthy as smoking and that after just one hour of sitting, the enzymes in our body that burn fat decrease by 90%. Stand desks are ideal, but if your employer is not ready for stand desks in the office, how about encouraging your team members to stand during meetings? You will be surprised by the increased level of concentration and engaging attitudes.

2. Take Walking Meetings

If a certain meeting does not require you to stare at a digital screen, then that meeting is the perfect opportunity for you to go out for a stroll and get some fresh air. Walking while having a meeting eliminates the negative aspects of a meeting such as boredom and creates positive factors such as better mood and higher blood oxygenation that makes individuals more collaborative, creative, and open to expression.

3. Buy a Stress Relief Toy

Putting your work-related stresses on an object of your choice, such as a stress ball,  rather than yourself or your coworkers is an efficient way of releasing your stress at work. It will not only help you maintain a good mental state but also allow you to develop healthy relationships with your peers.  

4. Do a three-minute workout

Although you may think that such a short workout session would be meaningless, an interval as short as three minutes can re-energize your body by increasing your metabolism and heart rate. Try bringing in some small and simple exercise equipment to reduce your stress and boost your positivity in no time.

5. Bring Healthy Snacks

Snacks have now become a necessity for many workers in Hong Kong as it plays a crucial part in helping them reduce stress and focus better. However, due to the unhealthy nature of most snacks, the intake of large quantities is wreaking havoc on our health. In this new year, try to surprise your coworkers with innovative and healthy snacks that can change not only yours but everyone’s wellbeing. 


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