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group medical insurance for SMEs

Premium medical protection at an affordable price. Designed to look after the health and wellness of your employees.

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Keep your team healthy and happy

Insurance for teams with 3+ employees

We don't require any health declaration even for small teams. Onboarding, doctor search, claims.. manage everything online, enjoyed by both HR and employees.

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Extra support for your work family

Daily hospital cash that eases your burden when you are hospitalised due to accident. Special COVID-19 benefit for the first year to support your team and their families at a time like this.

Our insurance plans are underwritten by Generali Hong Kong
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Simple and cost-effective
insurance plans

Group medical

  • Mix and match inpatient and outpatient plans
  • Lump sum annual limit for inpatient reimbursement
  • Pre-existing conditions covered
  • No health declaration required
Pricing available upon enquiry
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Hospital income insurance

  • Daily cash benefit of HK$ 500
  • Doubled benefit during ICU stay
  • Extra HK$ 50,000 cash benefit in case of COVID-19

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Hospital income insurance

  • Covers up to 5 eligible family members
  • Up to extra HK$ 175,000 cash benefit in case of COVID-19

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Health services at anytime, anywhere

Insurance mobile app home screen shows appointment, symptom checker and healthcare services
Insurance mobile app home screen shows claim services
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Book a doctor from your couch

24/7 virtual health assistant to give you pre-diagnosis on early symptoms. What's more, you can make a doctor appointment right away.

Find and book a doctor

Find a doctor by location and specialty. What's more, you can make an appointment right away.

Manage your claims

Submit claims and track the approval status. Get reimbursed through your selected payment method.

Enjoy being healthy

De-stress with personalised meditation and monitor your health risks.

01.Book a doctor from your couch

02. Manage your claims

03. Enjoy being healthy

What our clients say

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As a mature startup company having experienced the journey a startup must go through, we understand the needs and necessity for StartupCare and how it can play an influential and positive role in the industry. It’s a great initiative and one we’re proud to be involved in.

The only way to provide our employees with great medical care as a startup - value for money and awesome customer service.

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